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Chestnut Hill is a place for visitors and also residents alike to take in the beauty of the area and enjoy the green space. It’s an idyllic escape for city dwellers to come to what is known as Philadelphia’s Garden District. There is a lot of work that goes into keeping Chestnut Hill beautiful including landscaping, tree trimming, trash cleanup and so much more. Parks are a huge reason why people love this area. That’s why is so important to continue to improve the parks, keep planting and caring for nature so that these green spaces can thrive. When Bowman found out that there was a desire to update the signs and create a park at the entrance Chestnut Hill, we jumped at the opportunity to sponsor the project. This project was headed by the Chestnut Hill Business Association whose goals directly aligned with ours to create a more beautiful, long lasting impression on those coming and going from the neighborhood.

If you go to the park at night, which is located at the south gateway to Chestnut Hill, you will see how lovely the park is lit up. There are spotlights and up-lighting meticulously placed that highlight the beautiful cliffs, dazzling landscapes and well-appointed sign. The landscapers will be planting according to the seasons and creating a look to match the time of year. Right now, this summer, there are gorgeous wild flowers planted around the sign and it is colorful and lush. There is such a great importance in having pride in where you live and the community you belong to. For Bowman, Chestnut Hill is home and so we wanted to invest in something meaningful to our town that we can be proud of. Even visitors can appreciate the beauty and want to come back again and again to spend a day on the avenue or to enjoy the greenery. Chestnut Hill will be leaving a great impression on it’s visitors when they come and go. We hope that by updating the gateway to the neighborhood that we will inspire others to find out more about Chestnut Hill and support the local businesses in the area.

We would like to thank all of those who contributed to making this project possible including, CHBID’s Rental Fund, Chestnut Hill Community Fund, Bob and Nancy Elfant, Richard and Florence Maloumian, Jack McMeekin, and an anonymous local benefactor. As well as the creator’s behind the planning of this park, Emily Daeschler and Paul Meyer. Furthermore we would like to thank the hard work and dream makers of Cliff Park including Cawley Masonry Inc, Mylestone Electric, Rodon Signs & Designs, Laurel Hill Gardens, and Nightfall Landscape Lighting Co.

Please see the video below of the grand opening celebration and lighting ceremony of Cliff Park.